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IP (ONVIF) Camera Surveillance Software Using Image Object Identification (AI) Technology

  1. Protect your home with AI technology and advanced motion analysis algorithms
  2. Alert you via email and audio before a break-in may occur - no false alarm
  3. Use your PC as a Network Video Recorder (NVR) - search image and video files by object types (person, car ...)
  4. Create filters, time schedule and actions to control the delivery of notifications. For instance, you can specify: turn off “email” notification and “audio alert” if the detected object is either a “cat” or a “dog”, and is moving toward the “front” camera with the “daytime” schedule which is defined as a 7-weekdays by 24-hour matrix.
  5. Built-in Web Server for accessing images and video files from remote PC/MacBook/iPad/Android devices with one click on the URL in the email or SMS alerts.
  6. Auto discover ONVIF compliant IP cameras and their streaming URL(s) for easy setup
  7. Control smart plugs to turn on/off sirens or lights
  8. There is no subscription cost; no cloud service needed - avoid private information leak
  9. Supported Platforms/OS(s): PC (Windows10), PC (Ubuntu-18.04 AMD64), Nvidia Jetson Nano (Ubuntu 18.04 ARM64)
  10. Hardware Options:
  11. The free downloads can enable one (1) camera only; the paid version has no restriction on the number of cameras to enable as long as you install it on one PC.

Note: The package (AiHomeGuardProSetup.exe) is digitally signed by Sectigo, a Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA). You can verify its RSA signature using Windows Explorer (Properties->Digital Signatures). When installing the package, you can safely ignore the warning from Windows Defender on this downloaded file or from any other anti-virus software, allowing the installation to proceed.

Download AiHomeGuardPro(Windows 10) Setup Instructions Download AiHomeGuardPro(Ubuntu 18.04 for PC or Jetson Nano) Setup Instructions AiHomeGuardPro Release Note Download AiHomeGuardPro(Windows 10) Package version 6.5_0r1 (710 MB) Download AiHomeGuardPro(Windows 10) Update Package version 6.5_0r1 (3 MB) Download AiHomeGuardPro(Ubuntu-18.04 PC AMD64) Package version 6.5-0R1(690 MB) Download AiHomeGuardNano(Ubuntu-18.04 Jetson Nano ARM64) Package version 6.5-0(690 MB) Purchase Activation Key More...